Prolong Climax

Prolong Climax
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Function Incredible Massage

This is the latest vibrator released in 2011, this unique vibrator is invented by a doctor and it can be used  to prolong climax. Unlike the normal vibrator that turns you on to a certain degree and squirt. This vibrator offers a different journey to deliver to a higher level. The first stage is only climax, second stage is squirting. This vibrator can achieve to the third level without making the virginal or clitoris swollen. As it is design to stimulate the right angel. It have 7 vibrating mode and adjustable speed for each mode. The left and righ wing can produce different vibration to merge to different sensation. Most importantly, this device do not need battery and can use up to 3 hours. This is the BEST vibrator in my shop

Measurement 28 cm by 3cm
Battery Rechargable, 3 Hours Usage

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