Dna Fleshlight 1

Dna Fleshlight 1
Product Code: Dna Fleshlight 1
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Function 90% Close to real sex (2 path, Virginal and anal)

This flesh light is customize, 99% close to the selected Japan AV star vagina. Saya Yukimi was born on 1988, 1st Dec. You can find her video easily in most search engine. For this DNA flesh light, they have make it tight after you insert, the front part will conceal the penis head. I personally like this model the most. I decided to import this because the cutting suits Asian and it is small enough to keep. All the DNA Flesh light will make you feel 90% close to real sex. (After you cum, it will stay inside without dripping out unlike others)

Measurement 15X7cm
Battery Lubircant provided

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